Cheesy Bacon Jalepeno Goodness

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When I engage in scholarship, wanton creativity is not helpful. When I engage in the kitchen, well, it’s a different story. I feel quite free to ignore recipes, to alter them, to combine them.

Now although a native of North Dakota, where our largely German and Scandinavian population regards salt and pepper as spicy, I’m a big fan of jalapenos. And so when we began our gardening this spring, I planted (I suppose) two dozen organic jalapeno plants, which are now maturing and bearing blessed fruit.

As you can guess, that’s a lot of peppers coming in. Thank goodness for, which has all sorts of ideas for jalapenos from the stages of seed to storage to stomach. So I looked up a few recipes, and then just made something up instead: bacon cheese jalapeno poppers.

First, cored the jalapenos, digging out all the seeds (which is where the real fire comes from; if they’re too hard on your tummy, lose the seeds if you’re using them in salad or omelettes or whatever). After soaking them in cold water (no idea why, but a recipe suggested it), I started boiling them to soften them up a little.

Meanwhile, sliced some bacon strips in quarters and began frying them at medium heat — we need our bacon supple for a later maneuver.

Then I took cheese chunks suitable to the size of the peppers and stuck them inside. The peppers were hot enough from boiling, but I dealt with it.

Then I took the supple bacon, wrapped a piece around each pepper (hard on the fingers, but well worth it), and secured the bacon with a toothpick. My peppers are small; were they bigger, I might consider wrapping the bacon around the cheese and slipping that inside the peppers.

Tossed the wrapped peppers into the bacon grease in the frying pan to finish cooking the bacon and to melt the cheese:

Platonic Goodness ensues:

Great late-night (and low-carb friendly) snack to go with the latest episode of Breaking Bad. Which was really dark, by the way.

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