Dr. Huizenga teaches traditional courses at the University of Mary’s main campus, evening courses at the University’s Butler Center in downtown Bismarck, and online through University of Mary Worldwide.

Spring 2014 Traditional:

Basic Catholic Beliefs (THE 104): This course explores the fundamental content and structure of Catholic faith and life as   presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, examining the profession of faith according to the Apostles’ Creed, the celebration of the Christian mystery in the liturgy and sacraments, the moral life in Christ, and Christian prayer. 2 sections: MTW 11:00; MTW 12:00. 3 credits.




four-gospelsThe Gospels (THE 330): This course examines the Gospels with regard to their background and development; their relationship to Jesus of Nazareth; their historical, literary, and canonical relationships; their narrative structure, theology, and Christology; and their role in Christian faith, life, and liturgy. MTThF 10:00. 4 credits.





Michelangelo-Creation-handsChristian Marriage (THE 326): This course explores the development of Catholic thought regarding marriage, sex, and family; its sources in Scripture, Tradition, reason and nature; the covenantal and sacramental nature of marriage; and its corporal, spiritual, and personal dimensions, with attention to challenges presented by the modern world. Wednesday evenings, 6:30-9:30. 4 credits.




Spring 2014 Mary Worldwide:

holy_bibleIntroduction to the Bible (THE 110): This course examines the structure and content of the Bible in its historical, literary, and canonical contexts with attention to traditional and modern interpretive approaches and the Bible’s role in faith, life, and liturgy. Monday nights 6:00-10:00pm January 6–February 7, Butler Center in Bismarck.




job_1Suffering and Christian Healing (THE 302): This course explores the universal nature of human pain and suffering as well as ways to help oneself and others move through pain, suffering, loss, depression and grief. Monday nights 6:00-10:00pm February 24-April 25, Butler Center in Bismarck.





For more information on these or other courses, contact Dr. Huizenga at lahuizenga[at]gmail[dot]com.




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