Dr. Huizenga teaches traditional courses at the University of Mary’s main campus and online through University of Mary Worldwide. He teaches the following courses regularly, among others:

four-gospelsThe Gospels (THE 330): This course examines the Gospels with regard to their background and development; their relationship to Jesus of Nazareth; their historical, literary, and canonical relationships; their narrative structure, theology, and Christology; and their role in Christian faith, life, and liturgy.



Christian Marriage (THE 326): This course explores the development of Catholic thought regarding marriage, sex, and family; its sources in Scripture, Tradition, reason and nature; the covenantal and sacramental nature of marriage; and its corporal, spiritual, and personal dimensions, with attention to challenges presented by the modern world.


Sacred Scripture (THE 260): This course concerns the joyful reception and interpretation of Sacred Scripture in accord with the Church’s Tradition as expressed in magisterial teaching. Approaching the Bible as God’s coherent story presenting salvation history, it explores traditional and modern modes and methods of interpretation and Scripture’s function and fruition in life, prayer, and liturgy.


job_1Suffering and Christian Healing (THE 302):This course concerns the philosophical, theological, and moral challenges posed by the problem of pain and suffering for traditional Judeo-Christian conceptions of God as almighty and all-loving Creator, investigating the promise of various intellectual, moral, social, and spiritual responses to the problem presented by Scripture and tradition.


Search for God: The Catholic Vision (THE 120): This course, inspired by the quaerere Deum of the Benedictines, explores the triune God of love revealed in Jesus Christ as the heart of all reality and the possibility of knowing, loving, and serving Him through the grace of a divine encounter. It examines the narrative of salvation history in Sacred Scripture (Creation and Fall, Israel and Redemption in Christ, the foundation of the Church) and engages two spiritual classics, St. Augustine’s Confessions as well as a contemporary work such as C. S. Lewis’s Surprised By Joy or St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s Story of a Soul. The course involves discussion of the relationship of faith and reason, the love God has for His people, and the promise and challenge of faith in ages past and present.





For more information on these or other courses, contact Dr. Huizenga at lahuizenga[at]gmail[dot]com.