Introduction to Theology (THE 112)

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Basic Info: Introduction to Theology (THE 112) explores the nature and application of theology and its various disciplines including biblical, systematic, ecclesial, sacramental, ascetical, and moral. It includes discussion of methods, vocabulary and approaches to reflecting on pertinent theological issues as they apply to daily life. Online, 5 weeks, beginning August 27. As this is an online course of 5 … Read More

Biomedical Ethics (PHI 582)

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Basic Info: Biomedical Ethics (PHI 582) is designed to present issues in bioethics for discussion. Modern medicine has progressed in ways which could not have been envisaged 50 years ago, let alone 2,000 years ago. We will explore the development of major ethical theories and moral principles and how they apply to some of the most difficult questions we encounter … Read More

Letters of the New Testament (THE 203)

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Basic Info: Letters of the New Testament is a historical and theological study of the New Testament Letters with emphasis on those by Paul and their importance for early Christianity and significance for the contemporary Church. Traditional, MTThF 2:00, 4 credits. My Approach: The letters of the New Testament are challenging to interpret, given that we’re generally listening to one … Read More

The Catholic Imagination (CTH 301)

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Basic Info: The Catholic Imagination (CTH 301) explores the theological, aesthetic, and cultural significance of Catholicism’s sacramental vision of the world and of the human person. Primary attention given to the nature of human imagination and to works of the imagination such as literature, art, and architecture. Required advanced course for the University of Mary’s Catholic Studies major; advanced elective … Read More

Introduction to the Bible (THE 110)

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Basic info: Introduction to the Bible (THE 110) examines the structure and content of the Bible in its historical, literary, and canonical contexts with attention to traditional and modern interpretive approaches and the Bible’s role in faith, life, and liturgy. This course fulfills a U-Mary core requirement. My approach: Whereas many Bible courses treat the Bible as a collection of … Read More