Liturgy Reading List

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A former student asked for a reading list on matters liturgical. Off the top of my head, here’s what I came up with. Not exhaustive, no particular order, though I’d start with Driscoll, then Guardini and Ratzinger’s Spirit[s] of the Liturgy, and go from there: Guardini, Spirit of the Liturgy Ratzinger, Spirit of the Liturgy Driscoll, What Happens at Mass … Read More

An Augustinian Spring

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I’m leading a directed study this spring on St Augustine for a few eager students, and it’s been delightful diving into material I haven’t read in some time. Always good to go back to crucial primary texts and see them differently, to perceive in them things missed the first time, or first few times, around. So that’s one reason I … Read More

Cheating Mother Nature

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Well, if you’ve been watching the weather, you know most of the country’s midsection is experiencing a deluge. Here in Bismarck we ducked the brunt of it, but still got (and continue to get) some good rain. But last night I thought I was smart. South of Mandan at a place called Graner Bottoms on the Missouri River, it looked … Read More

Søren Kierkegaard on Biblical Scholarship

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As a New Testament scholar, I feel this acutely, with some caveats. On one hand, interpretation is inevitable (even reading a grocery list is an exercise in interpretation), and so the question is not whether we’ll interpret but whether we’ll be good interpreters. Take for instance what he says below about the rich young man who was told to sell … Read More

World Organ Day 2013

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Today is World Organ Day, celebrating what Pope Benedict called “the king of musical instruments”, and to which the Second Vatican Council gave pride of place for the Latin/Roman liturgy (the one almost all Catholics in the west attend, usually Ordinary Form). The organ has always been considered, and rightly so, the king of musical instruments, because it takes up … Read More

Pope’s Prayer Intentions for May

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The Pope’s general prayer intention for May is: “That administrators of justice may act always with integrity and right conscience.” His mission intention is: “That seminaries, especially those of mission Churches, may form pastors after the Heart of Christ, fully dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel.”

River Adventures

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Saturday morning, for the first time in ages, I took a few hours to fish. Either I’ve had a speaking engagement or some other obligation or extremely bad weather since early March. It was also the first time I took out my new-to-me but very old and used boat, an old 17-ft Crestliner Angler with a 90hp and 15hp kicker … Read More

James Poulos on the “Pink Police State”

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Res ipsa loquitur: Q. I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask about my favorite phrase you’ve coined — “The Pink Police State.” To what are you referring? And why should it worry us?   The Pink Police State is a more extreme version of a regime I use to taunt my libertarian friends in my essay on ‘The Sex Vote’ … Read More

Hans Rejects French Theory

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So I took Hans to his swimming lessons today. And in the locker room there’s one of those big curved mirrors allowing to see everything, to see around corners and down the locker rows, etc. Why? I don’t know. And so of course Hans asked what it was for, and I had no idea. And when I have no idea, … Read More

Stellman on Solo & Sola Scriptura

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Jason Stellman is an acquaintance. He was a serious Calvinist minister who recently converted to Catholicism. He now blogs at CreedCodeCult. In a recent posting he recounts some Late Unpleasantness regarding a heresy trial he took part in within the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America), a conservative denomination (the PCUSA would be the mainline Presbyterian church in the US). In … Read More