St. Teresa Benedicta/Edith Stein

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70 years ago today (Thursday, August 9), philosopher Edith Stein, whose religious name as a discalced Carmelite was Theresa Benedicta, died in Auschwitz. From St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross Edith Stein was born of Jewish parents in 1891, becoming an influential philosopher following her extensive studies at major German universities. After her conversion to Catholicism she became a … Read More

A reader responds to my FT piece

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Via email. He or she has given me permission to post it anonymously. He or she agrees with my piece, but feels that our rational arguments fall on deaf ears because public rationality is more or less broken. I agree, I think, and in the piece mentioned the irony that many use the language of reason as a warrant for … Read More

Mary, Technology, Gender

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Courtesy of Cardinal Ratzinger. After explaining that if Jesus is the seed placed in the soil, then Mary is the soil, Ratzinger makes explains why we need the Marian mystery of the Church (emphases mine): In my opinion, the connection between the mystery of Christ and the mystery of Mary suggested to us by today’s readings is very important in … Read More

Is Satan female?

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Of course not. But there’s an interesting discussion on Michael Liccione’s Facebook page. It caught my attention because of a time I acted like a jerk in seminary. I was in Greek class with Dr. A.K.M. Adam at Princeton Seminary, who’s now at Glasgow. And I was translating orally, and not using inclusive language. (I’m that kind of guy.) So … Read More

My latest at First Things…

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…is now up. It’s entitled “Opposing Gay Marriage is Rational, Not Religious.” While I bolt the doors and batten down the hatches, here’s an excerpt: Many times Christians present our arguments for the traditional family by making arguments from Scripture and speaking of “God’s design for marriage.” For instance, Billy Graham recently issued a statement in support of Chik-fil-A and … Read More

In Defense of Swordplay

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When I was yet single but had friends who were married with kids, I accepted their common opinion that playing with toy swords and guns was a bad thing, that it encouraged violence. Well, Someone whom we’ll call grandma — because she’s Hans’ grandma Betty — got Hans a toy sword. And he loves the thing. Carries it everywhere, even … Read More

Walleye Tacos

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Someone asked about my awesome walleye taco recipe. She asks, y’all benefit. First, it’s best if you can catch the fish in the AM or early afternoon and cut them up before dinner without ever freezing them. But it’ll be just fine if you use frozen fish. As always, smaller walleye are tastier than larger. You’ll want to cut your … Read More

Food is precious

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I mean that strictly. Though I may be a gourmand given to gluttony all too often, here I mean there’s a lot that goes into producing our food. Maybe that’s obvious if you stop and think of it, but few people do. I’m thinking of it because my wife and I are gardening again now that we’re back in ND, … Read More

Hans, an American Christian already

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My family and I are registered at Cathedral Parish in Bismarck. But every now and then for various reasons we’ve popped into other parishes to fulfill our obligations. One of those parishes is Spirit of Life in Mandan, across the river. Now Hans routinely asks, “Are we going to Spirit of Life church?” and when we inform him we’re going … Read More

Fishing brings me back to reality

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I have fallen in love with fishing once again. Growing up in western ND, I fished the Souris/Mouse and Missouri systems frequently. Indeed, my home was about four houses from the Mouse river. With college and summer camp and other duties, my fishing really fell off about twenty years ago. Then began a series of moves for school and work … Read More