Lumen Fidei released

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At First Things’ First Thoughts I’ve written a bit about how to interpret Lumen Fidei when it’s written largely by one pope but promulgated under the name of another. Excerpt:

…we ought to approach official documents in the final form in which they are promulgated, for that is how they are promulgated. Reading behind the text in search of sources and origins is a particular legacy of Enlightenment modernity, an approach found in all disciplines and genres such as Gospel scholarship and literary criticism, an approach that is thankfully waning. That which we hold most certain–the text itself–suffers eclipse. Whatever hands lie behind the Pentateuch, the Gospels, Dei Verbum, Caritatis in Veritate, or Lumen Fidei, they are given and received as coherent wholes.

More on the encyclical later. It’s efficient, and as one would expect, full of Benedictine goodness.

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