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Senator Margaret Sitte is one of the good people on the planet. I’m a big fan. Right now she and the rest of the ND legislature are keeping themselves busy legislating; we’re in the thick of the session here.

Sen. Sitte is speaking tomorrow, along with other legislators, at a “Legislative Forum” sponsored by the League of Women Voters & Dakota Media Access. It’s at 9:30 tomorrow (Saturday, March 23), in the Tom Baker Room at Bismarck City Hall, 225 N 5 St.

Sen. Sitte will be speaking sometime after 10:30, but it might be good to get there early to get a seat, as it should fill up early. Word on the street is that people who are not big fans of Sen. Sitte are going to show up to try to dominate the proceedings and make her uncomfortable.

So if you’re free tomorrow morning and a friend of life and marriage, make time Saturday morning to come out to support Sen. Sitte. She’d appreciate it, as would I.

Update: This morning went well, as Sen. Sitte saw sufficient and significant support, while ugliness failed to materialize. Thank you all.

3 Comments on “Support Sen. Sitte Saturday”

  1. Thank you for making more of the public aware, Dr. LeRoy…I appreciate hearing about this. Unfortunately I’m unable to go but my prayers are with her and all who fight for LIFE!

  2. You’re welcome. I only received word late, so I wasn’t able to organize anything sooner. I know some unsavory people were at her home earlier in the session — ND legislators still have their home addresses and phone numbers published online, which is good, I think, a very North Dakota thing, but it’s also kind of scary.

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