Benedict on the Grace of Election

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Perhaps today we are tempted to say: we do not want to rejoice at having been chosen, for this would be triumphalism.
It would be triumphalism to think that God had chosen me because I was so important. This would really be erroneous triumphalism.
However, being glad because God wanted me is not triumphalism. Rather, it is gratitude, and I think we should re-learn this joy: God wanted me to be born in this way, into a Catholic family, he wanted me to know Jesus from the first.
What a gift to be wanted by God so that I could know his face, so that I could know Jesus Christ, the human face of God, the human history of God in this world! Being joyful because he has chosen me to be a Catholic, to be in this Church of his, where subsistit Ecclesia unica; we should rejoice because God has given me this grace, this beauty of knowing the fullness of God’s truth, the joy of his love.

From Benedict’s lectio at his visit to the Major Seminary of Rome, 8 February 2011

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