Spring Break Is Here

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And not a moment too soon. I finished up my last major engagement of the first half of the second semester on Saturday, a retreat at St. Mary’s parish on vocation: “The Holy Trinity and Human Love: Living Our Vocations”. A series of four talks over two days, it was a lot of fun. I like getting out into parishes and groups and clubs and giving talks. But still a lot of energy, so Saturday night and Sunday I laid low with the family. Got in some good time playing Thomas the Tank Engine with my kids, reading to them, playing in the snow, swimming at the Y, and so forth.

But Deo gratias, spring break is here, and it’s wintry in our neck of the woods (hence the image). For me, there will be no trips to Florida or Mexico, and I doubt I’ll take time to fish; I’m requiring myself to get certain things done before I entertain that. But it’s good, a good time to recharge while I catch up on work, especially some academic work, finishing pieces that editors have been waiting all too long for, as well as other paperwork and grading. Not near as exciting as others’ plans for break, but a good time for a change of pace and get some work done while waiting for winter to recede under the advance of spring.

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