Les Misérables

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I see so few films in theaters. Kari and I used to go a couple times a month, perhaps, when we were at Princeton and then Duke, for we were DINKS—dual income-no kids—and had time and money to do so. When we went to Wheaton, we found ourselves going less and less, as I got busier, I think, but another factor is that movies just seemed to get more boring. There was nothing we felt we really had to see in the theater, especially when ticket prices would mean dropping +/- $20 on it.

In fact, if I went to a movie, it was usually in the context of a man date (*ahem*). For instance, one night John Monson and I went out to dinner and then went to see 300 at the local IMAX. Or a group of us guys over one break, thoroughly needing to kill any hope and joy Advent and Christmas might have instilled in us, went to see The Road. Hope in that film is hoping the cannibals eat you quick, and joy is when they do.

But I think Kari and I might just need to hit the theater this Christmas break to see this:

So it’s not quite Tolkien, nor will it be remembered as one of the greatest films of all time. But for some reason the musical has always grabbed me (Kari and I actually saw it on Broadway when we were living in Princeton), and it appears they’ve done a great job putting the musical on the screen. One thing that makes this really interesting, I think, is that they sang “live” while filming, instead of recording the music beforehand in the studio and then lip syncing while filming:

I mean, it’s almost enough to make one loathe the Ancien Régime and exclaim écrasez l’infâme! But not quite.

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