Ice Fishing Swap Meet: Score!

Dakota Tackle–a locally-owned, one-off fishing gear store–had their annual swap meet today. Of course I had to go, just in case deals were to be had.

Just in case.

Well, deals were to be had. I picked up a batch of four ice rods and reels plus a tip up for way too little money. Decent stuff in good repair. Ice fishing is hard on gear for all the obvious reasons–the cold, the wet, reels and rods get dropped on the ice, stuff gets tossed in buckets, fish bite hard when you’re not paying attention and drag everything through the hole never to be seen again (*ahem*)–so it’s good to have stuff that works that can get wrecked. Or stolen by aggressive fish. I don’t like using my $100+ summer reels on my ice rods for these reasons.

So that’s one deal. And then.

Last season’s Eskimo Shark 51cc 8″ ice auger for sale, used. Used all of three times. Guy needs to get rid of it because thanks to throat and neck surgery he can’t pull the cord to start it. So he got a battery powered Ion.

And I benefit thereby, as he let the Eskimo go, for all practical purposes new, for just above half the price for a new one. Precisely the model I wanted.

Pretty much ready to go. Just need the Eskimo 949i FatFish ice shelter, and it’s on…

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