I’m A Bad Person…

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…for I went shopping today. Actually, my brother-in-law Brian is a bad person. He went shopping, and I went with him for company. But of course, at Runnings, my new favorite store–farm & fleet stuff, so hardware and much more, including sporting goods–I found something at a great price that I haven’t seen in Bismarck:

The HT Enterprises Velocity Edge 8 Ice Auger. $49.99, and then a $10.00 gift card in return. Not a bad deal, about half of what I could find it online for.

The hand augers, I am told, work all right for early season fishing, up to 18″ of ice. So I still need the Eskimo Shark 8″ 51cc Quantum Ice Auger. But it’s good to have a hand auger for thinner ice and remote areas (much lighter than a power auger) and as a backup if the power auger conks out.

Also got to see the Eskimo Fat Fish 949i shelter up close and personal. Awesome.

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