Black Friday Dreaming

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Well, the family nuclear and extended is all asleep, and I’m up relaxing, clearing out my inbox, taking care of odds and ends, watching some TV over the ‘net. I figure this day of all days I can take a few minutes to slow down and veg.

And having watched a little TV, I’m now all too aware that it’s Black Friday. Some stores are open right now, while others have lines of shoppers outside them at present waiting for an early-morning opening. And of course it is all insane. Instead of giving you some sanctimonious post about the evils of consumerism (what’s the joke going around Facebook? “Because only in America people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what we already have…“), I’ll just tell you what I want as I feel myself giving in to consumerist desire for stuff:

Ice fishing gear. Oh yes.

See, ice fishing is awesome, because on top of fishing being awesome it gives you something to do in the North Dakota winter besides hockey, which I’m now just too old for. A frozen lake remains a dynamic ecosystem full of fish just waiting to be caught and eaten. To wit:

Cold? Not if you have a decent shelter and heater. It can be room temp in your shelter and the ice below you will hold. You can also then turn around and fry up lunch, like deer sausage, or any fish you catch in a pan on your heater.

I’ve got a bunch of ice rods and tackle. What I need are the big items. First up, a power ice auger (that’s the featured image for this post). Preferably an Eskimo Shark 51.7cc 8″ Quantum. Cuts through a foot or two of ice in seconds.

Second, the Eskimo FatFish 949i Insulated Pop-Up Portable Ice Shelter:

That’s it, I think. Plus a sled.

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