Latest at First Things: “Our Creative Minority Moment”

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This ran Thursday; being at SBL in Chicago and having a dozen other major irons in the fire, I’m behind linking it for you, but here it is. I left about 500 words on the cutting room floor for this one, entitled “Our Creative Minority Moment,” so there’s a lot more to be said. The closing graf sums up the tone of the piece, written in the wake of the election when many of my friends were losing their emotional and spiritual cookies:

In short, we are now becoming the “creative minority” Benedict prophesied as the political class and culture turns ever more against us, and we should perceive these times as a severe mercy, respond in penitence and faith, and act always with divine charity as our Lord would have us act, enduring suffering for his sake, praying for those who persecute us, and returning good for evil. Pruned, we grow.

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