9-10 November 1989: Es Lebe Hoch Die Freiheit!

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Remember this? I was fifteen or so. Growing up in an air base town (Minot, ND) surrounded by nukes in the farmer’s fields ready to raze the Russian empire, this was something to behold:

I’m reminded of stuff like this everyone someone wants to get all Hegelian, or otherwise see History marching off to some inevitable, ineluctable Utopia, whether we’re dealing with social and cultural issues, political arrangements, or economic systems. As I wrote on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Reagan’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate:

History may not always turn on a dime, but at the very least it rotates on a quarter, and so a lot of people, I remember, were absolutely shocked that Communism in Europe and Eurasia collapsed so suddenly; many of us were resigned to what we thought was the fact that sooner or later the US and USSR would engage in a hot war, World War III, nukes and all. For us children of the 80s, whose high schools had fallout shelters marked with the radiation symbol, Red Dawn was more prophecy than entertainment. (“Wolverines!”) And then the End didn’t come.

In the midst of some recent hysteria regarding the Late Unpleasantness, I’m reminded that Dicatorships hard and soft come and go, but the word of our God abides forever, because Jesus Christ, its incarnation, is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is the end of all history.

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