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My latest at First Things, a review of Craig S. Keener’s 1172-page, two-volume work entitled Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts, is now posted for free online. I review it positively. Of particular interest, I think, is Keener’s attention to postmodern/postcolonial concerns, as he suggests that the arguments of David Hume and Immanuel Kant and others who deny miracles is Eurocentric, and thus exclusive of the experiences of nonwhite populations.

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  1. Last year in London, some Christians killed a boy after he had confessed to being a witch.

    Out-dated superstition?

    In this book, Professor Keener uses incisive scholarship and meticulous research to demonstrate , on the contrary, that Christian testimony of the supernatural is consistent, reliable and trustworthy and can no longer be dismissed.

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