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Hit the river for a bit by Heskett Station in Mandan. No walleyes, unfortunately — Heskett is hit and miss — but did catch two monster northern. The first, I’m guessing was about 30 inches and 12 pounds, the second, a little smaller. The first one bit the crank sideways, essentially, and so it had a treble hook in each side of its mouth (and behind that bone where things get stuck) plus one deep in the roof of its mouth. The second wasn’t hooked nearly as bad.
Instead of taking them home and trying to saw my way through them — really, when they’re this big you need a chainsaw or something — I decided to let them go. They were fairly dazed, given the fight they put up and the time spent out of the water, (that’s got to be disorienting for a fish), but I was able to revive them and they swam away.
The other thing that was interesting: a couple times this evening, I saw a big fish jump up out of the water just a couple feet from shore. All the way out. Not sure what species. The baitfish then started to go nuts — jumping out of the water in schools.
Might be my last time fishing for a while, as I’m swamped with work, so it was nice to have a beautiful evening.


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