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Responses to my piece of two weeks ago on how opposition to gay marriage ultimately is rational and should be framed as such precipitated a lot of incredulity amounting to what C.S. Lewis called “Bulverism.” And so I doubled down this week in a piece my editor entitled “The Bulverism of Same-Sex Marriage Supporters.” An excerpt:

Many of the responses to my piece of a fortnight ago on opposing gay marriage on rational grounds were pure Bulverism. “Oh you say that because you are a Christian.” One correspondent, a certain David Cary Hart, wrote a passionate but serious email in which he wrote:
“Let me get this straight . . . You are the Director of the Christian Leadership Center at a Catholic College writing in a Christian Publication . . . and you suggest that opposition to marriage equality is not religious? [ . . . ] Frankly, it is intellectually dishonest to assert that this controversy isn’t about religion—first, last and always.”
First Things is not a Christian publication, as many non-Christians have written for it, so we can dispense with that misconception. Now, I appreciate frank talk, but a charge of intellectual dishonesty is a different matter. Believers like me who take reason and nature seriously as categories for reflection on the common good simply aren’t trying to pull a fast one. Better to engage the substantive arguments we make (like those put forth by Messrs. Girgis, Anderson, George) and if you find us wrong, well, show us the flaws in our argumentation. Then you may explain why we are wrong.

Read it all here.

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