Biomedical Ethics (PHI 582)

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Basic Info:

Biomedical Ethics (PHI 582) is designed to present issues in bioethics for discussion. Modern medicine has progressed in ways which could not have been envisaged 50 years ago, let alone 2,000 years ago. We will explore the development of major ethical theories and moral principles and how they apply to some of the most difficult questions we encounter in this “Brave New World.” Online, beginning October 8. Contact Dr. Huizenga or Pattie McWilliams at U-Mary’s CADE for more information.

My Approach:

The power humans now exercise over nature means the power to do great good or great evil. While dealing with myriad bioethical issues as they present themselves today, this course will dive deep into fundamental ways of conceiving of the human person’s relationship to nature and how those conceptions shape ethical theories. Particular attention is paid to the categories of nature and natural law.


Ronald Munson, Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Bioethics. 9th ed. Thomson Learning. ISBN 9781111186562.

Other texts are being considered at this time; watch this space!


Assignments involve significant writing, discussion, and a major group case study.

More Info:

Contact Dr. Huizenga or Pattie McWilliams at U-Mary’s CADE.

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