Hans, an American Christian already

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My family and I are registered at Cathedral Parish in Bismarck. But every now and then for various reasons we’ve popped into other parishes to fulfill our obligations.

One of those parishes is Spirit of Life in Mandan, across the river. Now Hans routinely asks, “Are we going to Spirit of Life church?” and when we inform him we’re going to Cathedral, he reacts more or less…poorly.

So we teased out why. We thought that perhaps he liked the nave and sanctuary, or Fr. Gion or Fr. Ruelle (since moved on to Belfield), or their accessible nursery, or something else.


Turns out Spirit of Life has shorter masses, at least in his perception.

Probably because we’ve gone to the evening masses sometimes, attended by fewer, making for shorter communion lines.

So this morning, my wife is taking the kids to daily mass, something she’s trying to do once a week. To make a long story short, Spirit of Life has a 9:00 AM mass that works with the schedule.

And so Kari informs Hans that they’re going to daily mass, he asks where, she replies Spirit of Life, and then tells him that it’ll be short because it’s a daily mass. To which Hans replies, at the top of his lungs, “Hooray!” with his toy sword held high, of all things.

Maybe you had to be there. But I’m thinking to myself, you’re barely four and you’re already antsy if mass approaches the hour mark…

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